Polymaths: Delivering Agile Application Development Services in the Cloud

We deliver world-class, highly agile, software and cloud development teams to help you exceed your project goals With the quick deployment of mission-critical applications, we apply an agile Delivery Methodology that helps clients and partners to effectively execute, create in-house knowledge and skills, and realize significant Return On Investment (ROI). We'll keep you informed about every step of the project's design, construction, and launch. We address all areas of application development and platform adoption using established, repeatable procedures, keeping you informed of progress and soliciting input throughout the process.

Polymaths: Agile Project Teams Delivering Effective Software

Core to our delivery methodology is ensuring the engineering and development resources provided by Polymaths are competent practitioners of modern-day agile software delivery in the cloud. It is an exciting era in software project management. When done well, the cloud's agility delivers faster time to markets, with lower costs. The cloud can become highly inefficient and expensive (and insecure) when done poorly. Polymaths invests heavily in our team to ensure they recommend and use the best cloud services and agile methodologies to meet the software development requirements needed by the client effectively.

We Deliver Agile Methodologies Required by DevOps Teams

Over the last few years, there has been a significant paradigm shift in how software is built. Cloud providers are delivering new services at a breathtaking pace. New continuous integration/deployment (CI/CD) techniques drive the importance of an effective development operations (DevOps) team and scrum master to keep the development train on the rails. And new forms of DevOps automation are rapidly emerging to ensure code quality is delivered earlier in the software development lifecycle (SDLC), and security is not an afterthought. At Polymaths, we provide our leaders and staff have the expertise required to harness the power and agility of the cloud while helping our client DevOps teams achieve their critical objectives.

Agile Methodology Requires Leadership and Ability to Shift Priorities Quickly

Polymaths knows that the first step toward our clients' success is building a team of professional software development leaders and product owners who understand the project goals. Project owners must define mutually agreed-upon criteria and data for progress and freedom to change needs or direction based on an agile Delivery Methodology applied by the team so they can effectively grow in-house knowledge & skills while realizing significant ROI in your software development efforts.