A Polymath /'pa:limæθ/ is an individual whose knowledge spans a substantial number of subjects, known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems. -Wikipedia

At Polymaths, we’re always on the lookout for fellow experts. Because we know the first ingredient to good code is great talent. Whether it’s for fortune 500 companies or venture-backed startups, we need curious, innovative minds to help build ground-breaking tech. We always aim to create solutions that go beyond the obvious. And we’d like you to join us.

The Polymath Way

We develop software for digital solutions to business-shaped problems. That means we build for the Cloud, using multiple channels like web, API, mobile and more to create robust, scalable, secure applications that are on point, on time, and on budget.

How do we do it? In a word, we’re agile. Process is key, with a disciplined methodology that delivers efficiently and compromises nothing. We keep things simple with a transparent way of working. Communication is open. Collaboration is vital. Autonomy is innate. The result is solutions that venture beyond the obvious. Built for the daring, made by the wise. That’s why we’re polymaths by nature, not just by name.

Why Us?

Join The Daring

Exceptional work requires two things: Bold ideas and brave clients. At Polymaths, we have both. We dare to fail quickly. Refine repeatedly. Rinse, improve, repeat. It’s a way of working that calls for confidence and vision. And then delivers on it.

Enrich Your Expertise

Become an expert, not just a technician. At Polymaths, our process calls for deep cross-domain expertise that matches each and every project need. We offer training to help you master this craft – turning developers with potential into true polymaths.

Create. Code. Enjoy.

At Polymaths, we know that ‘fun’ and ‘functional’ go hand in hand. An enjoyable work environment leads to happy coders and quality code. We believe in giving our team freedom. Freedom to be themselves, freedom to try big, bold, daring ideas, the freedom to find their own path to genius.

If It Sounds Crazy, We’re Listening

When it comes to new ideas, we’re all ears. At Polymaths, we never settle on the obvious solution. Innovation is encouraged, adventure is applauded. Every job is a journey, and it takes explorers to find the unexpected solutions.

Perfect Partners

From cool tech startups to industry giants, our partners all share one attribute. They’re brave. We’ve created a fake bank for a fintech company, migrated IP Shark to serverless architecture, produced a premium connected home workout experience for Stryde, and found innovative solutions for the likes of the New York Blood Center and pre-business startup MicroEra Power. At Polymaths, you’ll be working with the best there is.

Day-To-Day At Polymaths

If you’re part of a client project, you’ll get to work with the client team to meet those objectives. Conversely, if you’re part of an internal project, you’ll be collaborating with the internal team to meet your goals. And if you’re part of the leadership team here at Polymaths, you’ll get regularly blocked calendar time for meetings to discuss whatever you see fit. Ultimately, working at Polymaths in any form provides satisfying, day-to-day collaborative interactions with experienced colleagues and leaders.

Polymath Perks

  • Health benefits.1

  • Paid time off.

  • Office hours.

  • Work from anywhere.2

  • Karma points that offers rewards for remarkable work.

  • Performance bonuses.

  • Half-day Fridays during summer.

  • Free snacks (and caffeine, obviously).1

  • Internal communities, social activities, and bi-weekly KX sessions.

  1. Qualified countries only, currently only USA and Kosovo.

  2. Remote positions only.

Join Us

If you’d like to work on leading-edge tech, learn from the best and have fun doing it – we’d love to hear from you. See a position you're interested in? Apply directly below. Otherwise, send us an email at work@polymathlabs.co.

Apprentice Program

Interested in a chance to become a QA Automation Engineer? Apply for our 6 month fully-funded Apprentice Training Program for an opportunity to gain competence and experience in automation testing, quality control testing, code execution and analysis by identifying, isolating and tracking bugs.

Open Positions

DevOps Engineer

A DevOps Engineer is responsible for the operational excellence, security and reliability of applications.

Node.JS & React.JS - Full Stack Engineer

Full stack engineer with focus on NodeJS and React.JS is required.

Scrum Master

Changing the world isn’t easy and we have a lot of work ahead of us. From developing consumer products to automation to supporting microservices, we’ve got more work than we can handle and we’re looking for great people to come along for the ride.