Innovate Faster And Lower Costs
With Modern Apps

Increase the pace of innovation, get more out of your data, and build new customer experiences with the Polymath Modern Application Framework

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Increase the pace of innovation
Build better customer experiences
Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO)

Not having the right technology is inhibiting your growth.

Your application isn't working after your last upgrade
Your code is so old that you can't integrate your systems
You need to achieve compliance (like ISO or HIPAA)
Long time-to-market
Inability to integrate
Low productivity

You don't need to be a big business to have cutting-edge technology.

Solve for business, not technology

At Polymaths, tech works in service of business. Not the other way round. We ask “why” before “what.” We focus on outcomes. The result: not only a better digital solution, but a better business solution too.

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Transcend your limitations with the Polymath Modern Application Framework™

Cloud-Native: build serverless or containerized microservice-based applications with unparalleled ability to scale at a fraction of the cost of traditional architecture.
Channel Agnostic - channels and channel technologies come and go; design and build for applications that can handle any medium, whether you need to develop for the web, mobile, wearable, IoT, or the metaverse.
Interconnected - no need to reinvent the wheel; build solutions that interconnect with other applications, systems, and services, by design.
Well-architected - build for operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimization, and sustainability.

Four Steps to a Better Future

1. Assessment
We will assess your current state, conduct stakeholder interviews, and produce a set of recommendations that align with your business goals and capabilities.
2. Planning
Basing on your business goals and ambitions, we will develop a long-term roadmap, and plans to deliver against the roadmap.
3. Implementation
We will design, build, test, and release based on the plans and roadmaps.
4. Support
We will support the release, change management, marketing efforts, and will provide business continuity support.

Why you need Polymaths

Unbiased Solutions

We're polymaths by nature, not just by name. We believe each problem deserves its own solution, and we'll always share our reasoning.

Disciplined Execution

At Polymaths, we're rigidly Agile. By sticking to a disciplined delivery method, we guarantee our ability to shift without sacrificing timelines, cost, or quality.

Cost Awareness

Obsessed with managing cost, we are constantly on the lookout for lowest-cost solutions, services, and decisions.


When we work together, we are transparent to a fault. You'll have full-access to everything we do, having continuous visibility into all deliverables.

Begin your journey with an Assessment

  • Catalog existing processes (manual or software driven)
  • Catalog existing applications and their capabilities
  • Identify stakeholders, how their work maps to existing processes and applications
  • Identify the high level efficacy of the existing processes and software
  • Assess existing software and score based on a number of quality metrics
  • Provide modernization recommendations

Build modern applications on AWS

In this eBook, we’ll guide you through the three pathways that will help lay the foundation for modern application development in your own organization. We’ll also explore how modern application development with AWS can help your organization innovate, reduce costs, accelerate time to market, and improve reliability.

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