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10x your software development velocity using Polymath team pods.

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Accelerate time to market
Add missing skillsets
Scale up or down with ease

You have a team, but you can't keep up with capacity demands, or lack particular skillsets.

It takes months to release new features
Product backlog keeps growing
Release dates keep slipping
Your sales team is frustrated
Competition pressure is increasing
Quality is taking a backseat due to high demand
The “great resignation” has disrupted your flow
Simply adding engineers increases overhead

Cause everybody needs a little help sometimes.

Polymath Pods to improve your Scale, Skill, and Process

We've been part of the tech world since the birth of the internet. We've tackled failing systems. Pulled overnighters. And refined our skills with multiple Fortune 100 companies over the past 25 years.

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A Polymath Pod for every challenge

They come pre-configured with all of the necessary skills to execute as a team
Using our proprietary processes, they plug into your existing workflow quickly
They don't require additional management; that's handled by our leadership team
They come equipped with the tools and processes to execute fast and independently
You get full transparency in their work and receive weekly reports on their progress
You can scale up and down in a fraction of the time it takes to hire a single engineer

Accelerate in Four Steps

1. Assessment
We review your current process, technology stack, and development needs and provide you with pod recommendations
2. Onboarding
We assemble your desired pod, onboard them with your team, set up the touch-points, communication plans, and software setup
3. Execution
Using our proprietary processes and tools, we monitor the execution and output quality of our pods, report on progress, escalate issues when necessary
4. Transition
When the pods are no longer necessary, or you choose to scale down, we follow our transition protocols, ensuring knowledge and deliverable transfer, and access termination

Unbiased Solutions

We're polymaths by nature, not just by name. We believe each problem deserves its own solution, and we'll always share our reasoning.

Disciplined Execution

At Polymaths, we're rigidly Agile. By sticking to a disciplined delivery method, we guarantee our ability to shift without sacrificing timelines, cost, or quality.

Cost Awareness

Obsessed with managing cost, we are constantly on the lookout for lowest-cost solutions, services, and decisions.


When we work together, we are transparent to a fault. You'll have full-access to everything we do, having continuous visibility into all deliverables.

Start With a Risk-free Assessment

  • How Agile is your current team? Is it truly Agile or Agile In Name Only (AINO)?
  • Are you using the right tools? How much visibility do you have into the delivery?
  • Has your team adopted DevOps, and if so, at what maturity scale?
  • Are you in the Cloud? Are you Cloud-native? Are you taking full advantage of your relationship with the Cloud provider?
  • How mature, flexible, and modern is your technology stack? What is your developer experience?
  • Are you using a Product Management framework?
  • And many more insights, depending on your team and organization size, culture, and objectives.