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Product Ideas To Life

Accelerate your time to market with the help of Polymath START™.

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Polymaths Inc
Validate an idea
Build a new digital product
Introduce a new digital touchpoint

You need to build a new digital offering but lack the expertise, capacity or don't know where to start.

You don't have an available team
You lack the in-house expertise
You just need to validate the concept quickly
You lack the idea-all-the-way-to-market experience.
You need a product built while you remain focused on your business
You lack the organizational agility to quickly go to market

You don't need an in-house product development team to launch new digital products fast.

We have launched more products than Steve Jobs

We have helped many clients deliver products, from consumer products to business portals, from startups to enterprise organizations. Over time, we have gained tremendous experience, fine-tuned our delivery methodology, and developed many accelerator assets to help our clients skip ahead to what makes their solution unique.

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START™ at the beginning

Plan and StrategizeBeing agile does not mean you forego planning and strategy. Whether you require an org-level or product-level strategy, we can help you develop a strategy and roadmap.
Build Products, not AppsWhether we build for your customers or your internal stakeholders, we focus on products, not apps. Products deliver value and delight consumers, apps deliver features.

We will make you Agile

1. Assessment
Document functional and technical requirements, product vision, go to market strategy
2. Planning
Design product roadmap, release and execution plans
3. Implementation
Design, built, test, and iterate
4. Support
Support go to market efforts, provide warranty support after release, support the product beyond warranty period

Unbiased Solutions

We're polymaths by nature, not just by name. We believe each problem deserves its own solution, and we'll always share our reasoning.

Disciplined Execution

At Polymaths, we're rigidly Agile. By sticking to a disciplined delivery method, we guarantee our ability to shift without sacrificing timelines, cost, or quality.

Cost Awareness

Obsessed with managing cost, we are constantly on the lookout for lowest-cost solutions, services, and decisions.


When we work together, we are transparent to a fault. You'll have full-access to everything we do, having continuous visibility into all deliverables.

Let's start with an Assessment

  • Validate or develop a product vision document
  • Validate or develop proper product requirements to ensure they will fulfill the vision
  • Validate or design technical solution architecture and technology choices for long-term success
  • Assess your team readiness for product development responsibilities
  • Identify and interview all relevant stakeholders
  • Explore alternative products for comparison, or integration
  • Provide recommendations on process, tools, and methodologies