Our founders have spent the last decade implementing cloud solutions and agile transformation across the Fortune 500, startups, and mid-size organizations. Through their experiences, they’ve developed a core set of values and are passionate about building quality software that scales with your business. You’re tasked with the difficult, complex decisions around optimizing the price, performance, privacy, and security of your business. You can trust our team will provide the solutions you need so you can build your technology and business with confidence.

Visar Gashi

Founder and CEO

With over twenty years of experience delivering technology solutions - ranging from assembly-based microcontroller level to large scale enterprise solutions for Fortune 100 companies - Visar has spent the last decade and a half helping large enterprise companies adopt Agile, migrate to the Cloud, implement DevOps, and more recently, lower their cost of operation with Serverless. After having the tremendous experience gained working for great companies (Accenture, JPMorgan Chase, Slalom), and serving amazing clients (Sony Music, Best Buy, Weight Watchers, etc.) Visar founded Polymaths with the mission to offer highly specialized Cloud solutions that scale, and offer the lowest cost of operation.

Muharrem Shefkiu

Co-founder and COO

A technology executive with over 15 years of experience in networking and multimedia operations. He led development and operation teams in implementing crucial projects and cutting-edge technology in the telecommunications industry. He is trained and certified by industry-leading vendors such as Red Hat, Nokia, Ericsson, and AWS. His experience and knowledge enable him to be successful in defining the strategies and coordinating all necessary activities for complex system integrations, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies.