Polymath Labs Recognized as Standard AWS Consulting Partner
December 12, 2018

We are proud to announce that Polymath Labs has been recognized as an official Amazon Web Services (AWS) Standard Consulting Partner.

This milestone achievement represents the culmination of a year of hard work on the part of our entire staff. In working toward this achievement, we have helped a number of clients migrate or build brand new solutions on AWS. In addition, we have trained extensively to transform our team into a fleet of Amazon cloud computing subject-matter experts, capable of providing efficient, high-value, on-demand solutions to our broadening clientele.

Most Notable Achievements

The recognition is primary based on our client work, following are some of our most notable achievements over the last year:

  • We migrated the entire platform from on-premise to AWS for a two year old startup, re-architecting their solution to scale, and automating their entire infrastructure deployment.

  • We developed a brand new IoT driven analytics portal, powered by [AWS Machine Learning](https://aws.amazon.com/machine-learning/) predictive analytics for a seed stage startup.

  • We developed an enterprise analytics portal for a large non-profit, serving as a one-stop shop portal into several data warehouse and Power BI products.

  • We developed a gamified, social-media video sharing platform, with advanced AI powered video analytics for a seed stage startup.

What That Means For You

As AWS Standard Consulting Partners, the team Polymath Labs will enjoy several benefits that will help us help you.

These benefits include:

  • Direct access to Amazon AWS Solution Architects, who can provide us with deep expertise that is not available otherwise.

  • Amazon funding for joint proof-of-concept work, which means we can help our clients test out solutions on AWS.* Advanced developer training, which will keep us at the bleeding-edge of best practices.

  • Access to various other benefits that will help us to serve clients seeking to deploy their products across Amazon's vast service network of tools and services.

We are now even better equipped to deliver best-in-class solutions for AWS—from product migration to app development and everything in between. That means our clients can take advantage of the most prominent cloud-computing platforms in the world, and unlock the power to reach millions.

Learn More About Polymath Labs

Since our founding, we have helped companies incorporate agile processes, build and manage cloud native applications, and incorporate DevOps practices. We help in a variety of ways, from offering solution advisory services, to development outsourcing, and the embedding of our staff with client teams. We are agile, iterative, focused, attentive, and highly skilled in our execution of projects. We put the best interests and continued success of our clients first and foremost. In partnering with Amazon Web Services, we believe we’re positioning ourselves to help our clients reach new and greater heights. Learn more about our services.

Polymath Labs CEO
Visar Gashi

Polymath Labs CEO

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