Polymath Labs Earns Membership In AWS Public Sector Partner Program
October 05, 2020

In order to become an official member of the AWS Public Sector Partner Program, we had to demonstrate our ability to partner with public sector organizations.

Public sector organizations do much of the work to grease society’s wheels. These institutions - non-profits, the educational sector, government organizations, and the like - have many of the same digital needs as private sector organizations, but with often limited resources and field-specific expertise, their energy is often so tightly focused on their mission that addressing the structural digital problems that inevitably arise around issues like data governance and digital workflow can be intimidating obstacles, leaving folks without a clear path forward.

Enter Polymath Labs. In order for us to become an official member of the Amazon Web Services Public Sector Partner Program, we had to show Amazon that we had already partnered with multiple public sector organizations to use cloud-based solutions to optimize digital operations, providing cloud-based solutions tailored to each organization’s unique needs. Fortunately for us, we recently worked with two excellent public sector clients - New York Blood Center (NYBC) and The United States Anti-Doping Agency - on these very issues. As our CEO Visar put it, "Admission into the AWS Public Sector Partner Program is a recognition by Amazon of our contributions in the space," and a quick look at one of the case studies will show you why we received Amazon’s ringing endorsement as an elite digital partner for public sector organizations.

AWS Public Sector Partner Program recognizes elite companies like Polymath Labs for providing solutions to public sector data management and workflow needs.

Established in 1964, the New York Blood Center has done incredible work for decades. With age comes the experience that allows NYBC to provide blood to over 200 hospitals in the Northeastern United States, however one of the truths of operating any decades-old institution is that occasionally tectonic shifts in digital structure need to occur in order to incorporate new solutions for the increasingly complex workflows and data management processes that develop over time. A deeper look at the NYBC Case Study can be found here, but to summarize: we utilized our Integrated Portal Development™ (IPD) approach to develop a custom web portal for NYBC. The custom web portal provided highly-customizable and efficient modular architecture, streamlined data governance, simplified workflow, and user-friendly yet expansive analytics that turned the New York Blood Center’s aging data systems into state of the art infrastructure capable of handling anything thrown its way.

In typical understated fashion, Gashi has pointed out that, "More non-profits should know about this program and the associated benefits." We agree. An acknowledgment of a fine track record laden with public and private sector success stories, our inclusion in the AWS Public Sector Partner Program is a bright red arrow that Amazon has pointed at us so public sector organizations don’t have any trouble getting the idea that we are one of their best bets going forward.

One of the things that members of the AWS Public Sector Partner Program bring to the table that really sets them apart from other potential partners are the increased funding opportunities available for projects that members are working on with their public sector partners. This value-add helps bring partnership with elite companies within reach for a lot of public sector groups that otherwise might find themselves at a loss for how to manage an ever-growing heap of digital complications. We’ve always been well-positioned to corral even the toughest data governance issues with elegant solutions. Admission into the Public Sector Partner Program not only proves we belong, it positions us even better to optimize digital operations.

Anyone interested in partnering with a newly-minted member of the Amazon Web Services Public Sector Partner Program, fill out our form and we will work with you on custom solutions to turn your data management and workflow headaches into the well-oiled machine it should be.

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