Polymath Labs Introduces Integrated Portal Development™
February 12, 2021

Integrated Portal Development acts as a custom self-service data analytics portal for your org’s decision makers.

Across every industry and company growth stage, technology executives are confronted with a common key decision: how to provide a common access point to all of your organizational data and associated business processes. Common approaches to addressing the challenge involve implementing commercial packaged products, or developing custom solutions.

Commercial packaged product implementations often leads to faster time-to-market, but involve solutions that meet a fraction of the organization's needs, are associated with significant licensing costs, and result in a vendor lock-in. Custom solutions usually demand a longer time-to-market, and require product development and management focus or skills that many organizations lack.

Integrated Portal Development™ empowers your company to meet this challenge, by combining the best of both worlds, a custom solution tailored to your organization's needs, with an accelerated time-to-market. And best of all, you own all of the developed intellectual property avoiding vendor lock-in.

Unlock the power of centralized simplicity with IPD™.

IPD Diagram

Integrated Portal Development™

Integrated Portal Development™ is a custom solution offering wherein we develop a custom IPD™ implementation specific to our client's needs. Although each IPD™ solution is tailored to a client engagement, there are four common building blocks:

  • Modern App Development

  • Shared Identity

  • Centralized Data Repositories

  • Accelerators

Modern App Development

IPD™ architecture promotes and relies on Modern App Development. While "modern" solutions of today are "legacy" solutions of tomorrow, we define Modern App Development through the following five pillars that transcend incremental technology advancements:

  • Multi-Channel: features and capabilities that span across web, API, mobile, wearables, voice, etc.

  • Cloud-Native: solutions built for the cloud, not just in the cloud

  • Reliable: built to last, scalable and resilient amidst unpredictable operating condition

  • Secure: security as feature, based on industry standards for architecture, risk assessment, and compliance requirements

  • Cost Effective: optimized to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) while meeting all business objectives

Shared Identity

Most larger organizations use industry strength Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions to centralize access management for off the shelf and custom business applications. However, such SSO solutions often do not provide a shared identity across all such systems, especially not for custom developed business applications. Multiple identities for the same user across the enterprise create complexities for both data management and IT operations.

IPD™ helps you maintain a single identity, whether through direct integration or federation with your existing SSO. As such, the user’s identity is the same as it spans across different business units. This not only provides a coherent operating model, but also simplifies identity and access management for the IT organization while reducing risk.

Centralized Data Repositories

Consolidating business functions in an organization requires a common data model. As part of the IPD™, a standardized canonical data model is established for the entire organization. With the standardization of the data model, it is then possible to perform cross-functional data exchange, process automation, reporting, and analytics.

There are numerous methods to establish this standardized canonical data model. A common approach is centralization via a data warehouse, allowing for even more advanced capabilities around data governance, security, analytics and real-time reporting.

IPD™ is also compatible with existing data governance initiatives or data warehouse solutions.


Over the years, Polymath Labs has developed a variety of assets that serve as accelerators for IPD™ development, significantly shortening the time-to-market:

  • Process and methodology for developing IPD™

  • SDKs and other libraries accelerate and standardize module development

  • Turnkey modules and widgets with solutions to common problems

Benefits and Case Studies

Our IPD™ customers have realized significant returns on their investment, including cost savings, operational improvements, security risk reduction and the sheer serendipity of having once disparate information available within a singular system. Exploring your enterprise-wide information in a unified simple manner can unlock possibilities, spark new ideas and accelerate growth.

To learn more about how IPD™ powers centralized simplicity, please review our case studies:

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