Polymath Labs CEO Visar Gashi presents at KosICT 2019
October 14, 2019

Polymath Labs CEO Visar Gashi talks about serverless app development and the AWS partnership at KosICT 2019.

For one whirlwind week each year, Information & Communications Technology (ICT) professionals, associations, tech entrepreneurs, CEO’s, policymakers, academics, and aficionados from around the globe converge on Pristina, Kosovo to explore the very latest ICT innovations, learn from the best and brightest in the field, and network with fellow ICT creatives and businesspeople before returning home from what has become one of the leading trendsetters in ICT conferences around the world: KosICT.

In recognition of Cloud Native serverless application development’s potential and his achievements in driving ICT innovation while at the helm of Polymath Labs, KosICT invited CEO Visar Gashi to present his work alongside fellow internationally renown industry leaders at the 2019 conference. Given his enthusiasm on the subject of Cloud Native architectures and Polymath Labs’ related partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Visar took the opportunity to share his trailblazing work and ideas with an eager audience of world class ICT delegates.

For most businesses, developing and managing the entire technology stack in-house presents an unnecessary workload that diverts resources from focusing on core competencies, and Visar illuminated the ways in which Cloud Native architectures address this inefficiency in his KosICT presentation. Why directly manage hardware, virtualization, operating system, application platform, cross-cutting concerns, AND application logic, when often the only element of the technology stack that is truly unique to a given company is the application logic? Serverless Cloud Native architectures have the potential to save a lot of work for businesses, allowing them to focus their time, energy, and money on optimizing their digital product for their specific needs.

By reducing as much ownership of the technology stack as possible, Cloud Native architectures take full advantage of the Platform as a Service (PaaS) capabilities the cloud has to offer, providing the benefits of:

  • Faster time-to-market implementations

  • Secure, scalable, and resilient solutions

  • Cost effective operations

  • Reduced risk

Serverless architectures, also referred to as Function as a Service (Faas), features the advantages of:

  • No server management or provisioning, implicit auto-scaling

  • Pay by the second, and only while code is executing

  • Rapid development tools for fast time-to-market

Ideal match for Microservice Architectures, with a rich complementary set of services by AWS (API Gateway, Cognito, DynamoDB, and more). A recent survey shows that more than 75% of participants already use or plan to use serverless in the next 18 months, a trend that Visar highlighted during his presentation at the KosICT conference with an app modernization case study on Amazon Web Services. Modernization is critical in business, particularly in the ICT world, and modern app development requires modern architectures. The case study using AWS illustrated how reducing ownership of the technology stack simplifies unnecessarily complex systems and allows businesses to focus on their core domain.


As the hall full of inspired ICT innovators learned straight from Visar at KosICT, serverless architectures with Cloud Native app development are a massive step forward for companies looking to modernize, save money, and increase efficiency. Enabling companies to outsource operating system and app platform development while also taking cross-cutting concerns off their plate is a game-changer that dramatically lowers the barrier to entry for businesses looking to digitize operations or bring outdated systems up-to-date. It really is the most significant innovation in the Cloud since the Cloud itself.

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