How Brrrn At-Home increased memberships by 20% month over month
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The Customer

In 2018, Brrn became the world’s first cool temperature boutique fitness studio in New York City. Now, Brrrn At-Home offers a monthly subscription featuring hundreds of on-demand, trainer-led workout videos and Brrrn’s signature piece of equipment, the Brrrn Board.

The Challenge: Pivoting During a Pandemic

Brrrn opened its doors in 2018 with a truly innovative fitness concept. Customers could work out in 50°F temperatures and take classes structured around the slide board, a training tool used by pro sports teams. Featured by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Live with Kelly and Ryan, Brrrn had become a national sensation. But when the pandemic hit in March 2020, everything came to a halt. In-person fitness classes were no longer an option. Brrrn had to find a way to pivot — quickly.

In July 2020, they brought Brrrn At-Home to market with the Brrrn Board and a beta mobile web app featuring a content library of workout videos. However, co-founders Johnny Adamic and Jimmy Martin needed a platform with payment processing and more functionality in order to truly grow this new online offering. After seeing Polymaths' previous results with Stryde Bike, the Brrrn team knew they had found the right partner.

The Solution: A Robust Platform, Primed to Scale

With no in-house technical team or experience with the app-building process, Brrrn relied on Polymaths to create a high-level plan to rebuild the beta app from the ground up.

Polymaths built a holistic platform that consists of a mobile app for iOS and Android as well as a web app with user-facing components and backend administration capabilities. All fully integrated with e-commerce functionality to create a seamless user experience.

Brrrn went from a dated legacy mobile web app to a cloud native solution, making scaling easy. In other words, if Brrrn gained a million users tomorrow, they would already have the infrastructure in place to grow quickly and monetize accordingly.

The Brrrn team has everything they need to sell the product, such as subscriptions, promotions, and a backend payment processor. Plus user functionality like favorites and class management.

Users can view both their monthly and lifetime stats, including minutes exercised, classes taken by category, and longest streaks.

The Brrrn team can monitor classes completed and overall user engagement, allowing them to track growth on a daily basis.

Polymaths provides monthly ongoing support and maintenance to ensure optimal performance, monitor costs, and respond to outages.

"“The team at Polymath Labs is made up of true technologists, and this ..."

“The team at Polymath Labs is made up of true technologists, and this technology is the backbone of our e-commerce platform.”

Johnny Adamic,Co-Founder at Brrrn

The Result: 20% Growth Month Over Month

The new Brrrn At-Home app has given Brrn the ability to get more users “on board.” After creating a new bundle that combines a Brrrn Board purchase with a 1-year all access subscription to the platform, Brrrn At-Home has seen a 20% increase in users month over month. Brrrn is now raising capital to support the high-growth needs and mass market consumption of the Brrrn At-Home platform.

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