Scale Rich Media Video Streaming with Polymaths

If you're looking to scale rich-media videos for your business, look no further than Polymaths. With our video integration development service, your business can easily manage and publish your videos across multiple platforms, including web, mobile, and proprietary solutions.

Rich Media is Fundamental to Competitive Posture

Integrating rich media (e.g., live streaming video, video libraries, video blogs, audio tracks, etc.) is no longer a nice-to-have but required by businesses to maintain their competitive edge. Unfortunately, integrating rich media on a website can challenge even the most talented web development team. In principle, the leading media platforms look easy to integrate. However, these platforms become too expensive to scale over time because of their capacity-based pricing models. Even more annoying is they often require jumping to their highest tier pricing to block the media platforms' advertising streams.

Integrated Video Management Service Provides High Impact Video Streaming

Polymaths's video integration services provide high-impact content management capabilities. Whether your business needs to manage and publish serial videos, as many companies require to train customers or whether you have developed a proprietary application that requires streaming video as part of a proprietary application - Polymaths has got you covered!

Flexible Video Streaming Capabilities Provide Additional Value

Polymaths has developed a video integration service that is perfect for businesses with unique streaming needs, including live video streaming. The company's solution delivers competitive capabilities and can adapt to different video formats, multi-bitstream distributions (to accommodate varying bandwidths), and subscription payment services, so you don't have to worry about handling these details anymore! Polymaths also provides rich analytics to ensure video channels are achieving maximum results, supporting your rich media efforts. Polymaths leverages contemporary cloud services that deliver faster time-to-market while lowering overall costs on your end; all this without sacrificing quality or customer experience - something we know our customers value too.

Polymaths Cost Effective Video Integration Solution

At Polymaths, we provide a video streaming solution that does not require subscribing to a media service. Using native cloud services, our video streaming allows the business to have complete control over their rich media hosting and achieve a much more cost-effective path versus a commercial media service.

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