Polymaths Delivers Effective Software Development Engagement Models, That Help Fill a Client's Skills Gaps

Unfortunately, building an in-house software development team can be a challenge for businesses of all sizes, across all industries, for many reasons. A significant challenge is the hiring, training, and retaining of skilled staff. Polymaths helps businesses fill a broad range of skill gaps with flexible engagement models. Polymaths provides well defined consulting services, including complete project outsourcing, embedding qualified engineers to complement existing teams, and offering targeted consulting that achieves a specific objective required for developing a solution (e.g., cloud design, development, infrastructure, test, DevOps, devsecops, etc.).

Project Outsourcing Delivers and Entire Team to Meet Software Objectives

Polymaths provides a project outsourcing engagement model that includes the assembly of small, highly qualified teams with specific expertise as required by the software development task at hand. Polymaths' infrastructure and software development resources help keep costs down and meet tight software delivery windows for your business! From an outsourced management team, you will gain day-to-day oversight from the start-finish that drives optimal results on your behalf – all without sacrificing project delivery time and cost. Polymaths' project outsourcing service helps manage every aspect of an outsourced project so there are no hiccups along the way, which could potentially affect the bottom line of the business.

Embedded Teams Round Out Existing Teams

It is not unusual for a software development team to have most of the skills they need on staff. However, they can often lack the critical skills or a team capacity necessary to achieve business objectives. Should your business require additional skills or ability but do not want or need to fully outsource the entire project, Polymaths can embed our staff members within your team, giving them the additional capacity and skills. At the same time, the client maintains overall project management control. With a Polymaths embedded team software development solution, your business will gain:

  • Well qualified engineers and staff that complements your companies’ skills and capabilities
  • Engagement of Polymaths senior engineers and executives that can significantly reduce time to solve challenging development speedbumps
  • Access to development resources that live and breath modern cloud-first software development practices, reducing time to market and costs

Consulting Fills Specific Team Skill Gaps

Polymaths provides consulting across a wide range of modern-day software development disciplines. Whether your company’s competitive posture requires the development of more features faster and at a lower cost, Polymaths provides several consulting services that can help, including:

  • A move to modern-day cloud app development.
  • A transformation to a more agile or DevOps-centric development model transformation.
  • A refresh to the IT landscape moving to cloud serverless and microservice architecture design.
Want to assess how flexible modern cloud solutions can more easily meet today’s demands across various industries? The Polymaths team has got it covered, from government agencies who need more responsive networks capable of high-performance computing to retail stores seeking improved inventory management systems!